Mother/Amma/Maa- The Name Changes, The Loftiness Diversifies

Yes, The Headline Starts With A Orphean Tone But In Different Languages, Obviously In Different Areas Of World. Actually The Purpose Of Calling, By Taking The Name Or The Theme Is Quite Predictable To Everyone. The Word Can Be Uttered In The Symbol Of Joy, Sorrow, And Even With Anxiety But The Meaning Remains Same To Be Individual. Coming To The General Dialect, Mother/Amma/Maa Is The Pillar Of Family Incredibly Having The Smart Sensors, About The Pros And Cons Of Every Single Instance Of Life. Though It Is A Form Of Name By Which We Call Our Mother, But We Have Parted Some Phases Of The Existence Of Mother.

Firstly, Females Who Develop The Zygote Inside Her Womb, Carry The Future Born Baby(Ies) Almost 9 Months In Duration And Finally Give Birth Of That Child(Ren) Is Called Socially As “Biological Mother”/”Birth Mother”.

Secondly, A Woman Conceive A Zygote That Come From Another Woman’s Fertilized Ovum On Behalf Of The Couple Who Are Unable To Give Birth The Mature Body. We Termed The Woman As “Surrogate Mother”.

Lastly When A Female Does Not Follow The Process Of Giving Birth Of Baby By The Means Of Traditionary Practice, They Just Act Like Parenting Of Another Child.
The Above Described Pieces Of Information Are Very Generic By Nature But We Would Not Perceive Those General And Distinctive Ideas Later On Through Our Writing. The Mother-Children Relationship Makes A Sky High Border Line On Top Of Everything. Though Feelings Are Intangible By Nature But Comprehensible By Rational Space. A Mother, Who Nurtures A Deep And Priceless Emotional Bond With Her Children, Helps To Grow Her Child A Strong Person To Subsist In All Types Of State In Life. She Endures All The Pain And Adverse Periphery On Her Own And Prudently Manages All The Issues That The Condition In Life Comes With. The Strong Bonding Between A Mother And Her Children Actually Originates From The Time When The Mother Retains The Matrix Inside Her Own Body And Continues The Nature’s Process Of Maturing That Womb Into A Deliverable Human Being At Customary Point Of Time.

What’s More? There Are Enormous Benefits Of Mother-Children Bond, Starting From The Earliest Days And Continuing Into A Man/Woman In Adult Years. There Are Some Crucial Points Which Are Based On Real Life Statistics, Mostly Studied In All Areas Of Our Society. I Am Going To Draw Some Of Those Finest Lines To Shape A Point Of Compass To All Of You. Generally It Is Very Important To Keep The Bonds Active Between Mother And Her Children Because It Helps Making The Characteristics Well And Can Be Sketched Easily To All The People Outside Their In Our Own Community.

  • Children Who Don’t Have The Secure Coalition With Their Mother Go On Sometimes With Behavioral Labyrinth Later In Life. Sometimes They Become Much More Hostile, Aggressive And Destructive As Well.
  • Mothers Often Rear Emotional Intelligence In Their Children, Teach Them To Recognize The Problem Comes In Daily Life And To Unravel The Knots Of Those Conditions By Finding The Unique Way.
  • She Tries To Teach How To Express Their Feelings With Somebody And To Be More Attuned To The Feelings Of Others. She Teaches Self-Control, Situational Behavior To Her Beloved Children To Deal With The Death-Blow Of Present And Future Timeline.
  • Study Researched In Various Communities Of Our Society About Mother-Children Relationship Showed That Children Who Are Close To Their Mothers Tend Not To Get Into The Abstract Stereotype Behavior. They Remain Emotionally Open In Various Peers Of Life. A Good And Healthy Relationship Between Two Of Them Can Help To Identify The Influence Of Negative Pressure In All Aspects. The True And Open Communication Always Account For Difference. Mother Who Makes Her Children To Listen And Act Properly In Almost All The Unfavorable Instance, To Articulate Their Sentiments Are Usually Far More Attractive Than Any Other Positive Posture Of Having The Meaning Of Learning. If An Angry Children Can Put Themselves In A Cage And Open Their Anger Outright Just By Punching A Wall, Not By Destructing Their Moral Identity In That Position, Then They Become Genuine Person And Makes A Significant Step Towards The Future By Respecting Our Living God- Mother/Amma/Maa.

We Have Almost Covered The Areas Of Parenting With A Sleek And Honey-Mouthed As Well. This Is The Space Where We Find The Mother-Children Relationship, Bonding, Understanding, Love, Life Lesson Learning And More, But Still There Is Another Side Which We Can Take Into The Account Of A “Dark World”, Metaphorically. We Can Say The Dreadful And Obscure Lane Of Life. Thus The Foreword Of An Irony Of Fate Forms. Yes Actually It Is… “The Motherless Children”. It Becomes The Single Parenthood Holding And Assumed To Be Male Headed Family Structure Of Thousands Of Children. Losing A Mom Has A Powerful Effect On Them In The Sense Of Their Identity. Their Cultural Identity Oppresses Because They Find No One Close To Them To Share Things And To Learn From. They Experience A Persistent Grief For Years And They Become Very Mature In Times. Though They Belong To The Different Room Of Our Society Out There But They Are Exceptional Individual.

On The Other Page I Am Hitting Off A Simple And Instinctive Way Of Our Approach When We Get Into A False Position At Some Point Of Time. Generally When We Feel Pain, Got Funk Or Some Sensitive Issues Befall, We Often Utter Our Mother In The Way Of Calling Her “Maaa/Ammaaa/Mummmy/Ouchhh Mamma”…  And In Another Side When We Experience Some Sudden Moment To Be Happened Or Shocking Things To Be Occurred We Call The Name As The Name Of Our Dad/Papa/Father In The Way Of “Bapre”. So From This Instance We Can See With Whom We Are Attached Comes In An Instinct Way Of Speech.

Although Mom And Dad Both The Person Is Equally Responsible For Making The Life Of A Child Well-versed In A Uniform Way. Every Family Is Made Up Of Units Or Blocks. The Stronger Each Block Is, The Stronger Would Be The Structure Of The Family. Mother Plays The Valued And Dignified Role Always In Anywhere, Anyhow, At Any Point Of Time. Her Contribution Neither Be Acknowledged Nor Be Appreciated Because It Is Something Beyond Appreciation And Acknowledgement In A Broader Sense. She Cares, She Protects, She Suffers Patiently All The Worries, Pains, Difficulties And Sorrows For Her Child.. Only For Her Child. She Gives Every Comfort With Her Own Hardships And Lulling Her Child To Sleep While Keeping Herself Awake.

Now Coming To The Children’s Side, The New Vestige Binds A Great Responsibility To Be Carried Out Forever. This Responsibility Deals With The Child’s Attitude And Respect Towards Their Parents. Natural Relation With Mother Is An Instituted Relationship Which Can Be Intercede By Uniting The Language Of Love And Revelation. Considering Some Responsibility Of Children Towards Their Parents Is Now In Our Hands To Be Read Out Loud.

  • If You Love Them, Delight To Be Their Company. It Is Valued As Inestimable.
  • If You Respect Them You Will Strive All Things To Please Them In A Proper Way. A Child’s Pleasure Should Be To Please His Parents, This Is The Sum Of All Your Duty.
  • If You Love Them, You Will Desire A Good Opinion.
  • You Ought To Obey Your Parents”, Says The Apostle In Epistle. Don’t Cross, Oppose To The Parental Behavior, Obedience Should Be In Sense Of Promptness, Cheerful, Self-Denying And In Uniform Manner.
  • Imitate The Good Example Of Your Parents.
  • Enlarge Your Kindness To Your Parents.

At The Edge Of The Silver Line Of This Article Lets Make A Betrothal. The Promising Line For All Of Us.

Mother/Amma/Maa Whatever Maybe The Name Is, The Symbol Of Love Lives In “You”. Mother “I Love You So Much”. “I Am Proud To Have You In My Life As No Point Less Than GOD And I Am Also Beholden To You For The Rest Of My Life”.

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Marriage- A Mirage Or Moonshine ?

The Universal And Familiar Term Is Being Recognized As Social Or By The Ritual Union Between Two Individual Souls. Two People Come Closer Through A Wide Way To Construct A Bond That Lasts Until Death. This Is How We Term The Marriage Socially. It Seems Casual While Looking Into The Process But Actually It Is Not That Easy To Conclude Any Points By Analyzing The Flavor And The Taste Of Marriage Before Viewing The Canvas From The Inside. So In A Broader Way Let’s Have A Walk Through The Lane Of Social Identification- “Marriage”.

The Way Indicated, Almost Every Different People’s Mind Undergo With The Sensation Of Different Types Of Traditional Base Of Marriage In Regular Lives. It Is Quite Tough For Me To Picturize The Whole Sphere Of Marriage From Every Angle In This Short Space, But Still I Would Like To Draw Some Moves For Sure To Present Some Ideas To You About The Past-Present Scenario Of “Marriage”. Let’s Draw Two Glowing Portrays Of Marriage From Two Individual Viewpoints To Depict Some Beautiful Closing Lines Of It. 
Marriage”- It’s Post Situations And The Lives Can Be Taken Into The Account Of A “Book” And It Best Describes The ABC’s Of Post Marriage Life. Considering The Inner Structure Of A Book, It Proximate To The Customary Lives Of Husband-Wife And Their Personal Moments. Though They Are Individual In The Aspects Of Their Outward Physic But The Love And It’s Expressions Are Idiosyncratic In Sense. The Manifestation Of Love Neither Be Slaughtered Nor Be Decimated By The Natural Things Outside. Though There Is Always Two Person Resides In Every Relationships There Could Be Some Moments When A Third Person Or A Fourth Person Even A Group Of People Put Forth The Extra Add On Pages In The Book Sometimes.

Now We Are Stepping Into The Wings Of Marriage To Watch How A “Lady/Wife” Weaves The Poles Apart From Other Entity By Assigning Her Part Of Work. There Is An Illustrious Statement We All Know Which Expresses Ones Considered Opinion About Ladies- “Being A Female Is A Matter Of Birth, Being A Woman Is A Matter Of Age, And Being A Lady Is A Matter Of Choice. As A Rule, Female Doesn’t Guarantee To Be A Lady For Some Reasons. Usually Girls Are Self-Absorbent, Generous With Time, Wisdom And Resources. They Can Head Their Priorities Well Only To Serve Others In Their All Life Long After They Have Taken Care Of Themselves. They Know The Culture And Tradition In  Well Verse From The Core, So They Can Navigate The Direction Of Doing All The Tasks With Ease. Act As The Deviser Of A Peaceful And Nourishing Environment Of The Family From Where She Belongs, Not Only Before Marriage But Also With The New Family After The Marriage. They Reassigns The Tasks In Which They Are Comfortable To And Their Actions Reverberate Whom They Have Chosen To Be, Rather Than Base Them Upon The Opinion Of Others. Inside The Book Of Girls Life, They Actually Don’t Show Their Emotions To All In An Open Forum, Because They Are Not That Much Expressive About The Headings Of Relationships. They Generally Love To Be Surprised But Not In Their Traditional Way Of Thinking, Rather They Pretend To Be Surprised By The Virtue Of The Situations Come Forth At Times. Here If  We Can Inject A Word “HABIT” Into The Relationship Between The Post Marriage Husband-Wife Relation Then It Will Make Me To Draw The Edge Line Of The Extraction Of Relationship Nicely By Its Essence. In A Normal Regular Day, Wife Start Her Day By The Way Of Imbibing The Smell Of The Surroundings Created By The Outer Part Of The Physic Of Her Husband. She Takes It As Her “Habit”. After Eating The Foods When Her Husband Leaves The Leftover On The Plate, She Doesn’t Throw Out Those Stuffs But Gulps Those Sometimes As Her Regular “Habit”. When Her Husband Comes Back From Work She Demeans Her Husband As Her Child (Coming From The School), Takes Off Her Shoes Nicely And Looks After All The Proceedings That He Use To Have. These Sets Of Regular Habits Compose The Expression Of Love In The Relationship. It Seems So Monotonous By Nature But Still She Doesn’t Get Bored While Doing All These Just Because She Actually Loves To Do These For The “Sake Of Both” And The “For The Sake Of Love”.

After Reaching At The Bottom Line Of The First Half Of The Book, Time To Turn The Rotation Of Love From A Man/Husband Perspective We See The Upside Down Positions Of Pages Of Marriage Life. Barging To The Characteristics Of A Man Is Completely Different From A Woman In Terms Of Generosity, Expressiveness, And Practicality By Catholic Nature. A Man Is Basically Meant To Be A Man Of Words When He Does All The Stuffs That He Had Plighted For, Where In The Sequence Of Life A Girl/Wife Impersonates Herself As Building Block Of A Family. They Do All The Tasks Which Are Family Oriented In A Cyclic Way. But At Another Side A Man Usually Deals with The Practical Base Platform Less Engaging Themselves In Social Doing.

A Man With Mood Loves Thrill, Almost In Every Phase Of Life. Their Unfinished And Undefined Touch Of Adventure Don’t Lose The End Of The Thread Ever. When It Is A Piece Of Work-Life Paper, A Man Always Prioritize His Work Above All, Rather Than Taking Active Participation In The Life-Load Balance Of Social Arena. For An Instance, Illustrating The Phase Of Life A Scow With Brattice Represents The Husband-Wife Relation Better Than Other Comparison. Although Waterman Delimits The Scow By His Own Hands To Go On With The Flow Of Water, But The Brattice Restrain The Pressure And The Steering As Well To Continue Its Movement Smoothen. Both The Family Over Professional Advancement, Even For A Time A Man Makes His “HABIT” By Doing All The Situational Doings Free From Everything, Which Is A Little Off-bit Compare To His Better-half. Nevertheless, Man Pledges To Be Bread-winners, But Actually They Try to Work Flexibly To Be Called As “LEAD-PARENT”. They Describe Themselves As More Stigmatized Than A Woman Do.

Here We Already Came Closer To The Finishing Line Of Concluding The Social Bonding Of Two People- “Marriage”- And Its Unpredictable From Of Ending The Discussion Over The Years. Marriage Has A Legal Implication Altogether, So We Can’t Construct An Illegitimate Points Over This Topic With An Ease That,- Is It A Mirage Or Moonshine? The Question Resides In Between The Relationship Of Husband And His Wife. It Can Only Be Measured By The Parameters Of Happiness, Sadness, Togetherness And Ultimate Point Of Fulfillment Between The Two Individual Souls Under A Roof. Husband-Wife Bonding And The Understanding Can Make The Sense Of Reading By The Language Of “Love”. So At Some Peek Of A Graphical Structure Of Love-Life, It Exhibits As “Mirage” In The Form Of Gloominess In Never Ending Story Whereas It Indicates The “Moonshine” That Is A Picture Perfect Frame Of Life In Short.

At The End Of The Page, Marriage Is A Colorful Tincture And It Limns Several Pieces Of Short Stories To Be Experienced And To Be Read As Well Afterwards In The Book Called As “LOVE-LIFE-MARRIAGE”.

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Here The Writing Starts With A Quote-“Promises Are Meant To Be Broken“. A Common Dialogue Of Every Human Being Now A Days. It Seems Breaking All The Embracing Rules That Can Only Be Considered As The Main Cornerstone. We Can Phrase It As Another Common Quote-“Laws Are Formed To Be Broken“. Though This Topic Is Not Related With Neither Laws Related To System Nor The Basic Instinct Related To Life. We Often Use Such Type Of Measurement Parameters For The Person Who Is Related To Our Life.


These Days It Is Turned Into Controversial Topic Beyond Every Valid Benchmark And Never Ending Discussion As Well. We Will Try To Frame It On The Basis Of Analysis And Will Draw Some Facts Related To Our Real Life Experiences. After Hearing Voices, Reading Articles, Experiencing Debates I Just Wish To Conclude Some Keynotes For All The Men And Women Differently.Women And Men Are The Two Sides Of A Coin, As They Never Comes At Same, But Each Side Impersonates The Separate Existence.

At The Old Age You Were Not Supposed To Do Each And Everything Matters To The Exposure In Daily Life.Older And Younger Generations Have Always The Clash Thing About Being Conservative And Liberal. This Is Somewhat Ironic In Nature Because Those People Who Were Young Before Became Liberal After Being Matured With Age. But This Time Our Culture Has Been Transformed Into Liberal Thought Basis.You Can Now Do Everything That You Wish To And Go To A Certain Extent As Well.You Are The Base Of A New Life, With An Experience With The New Footprints Of Your Baby. In The Matter Of Subsistence You Are Responsible For Generally Three Types Of Characterization.
Being A Mother, You Have All The Responsibility Of Your Child. The Son/Daughter-Mother Relationship Alludes The Loving Nature Of Eternal Life. Creates The Piller Of Support, Trust And Faith Through This Relationship.
In The Existence Of Being Someones Sister You Perform The Link Between Two Soft Hearts You And Your Brother. Makes A Gentle Relationship Of Sharing, Caring, Pampering, And Bantering With Her Brother.
And Lastly As A Wife Cum Friend Philosopher And Guide. Builds The Sweetest Relationship Between Two Hearts After Marriage.
If You Can Frame Your Entity In A Single Life Into Different Patterns In Different Point Of Time, Then You Can Surely Feel That You Can Go Through At Any Extent To Do The Best Of Yours. As You Know No One Is Perfect In This World, You Have To Deal With Various Issues Related To Life And Nothing But To Wait For The “Best” Person That “Matches” Your Prints. Here The Two Words “Best” And “Matches” Are Being Used Metaphorically By Sense Because Every Entities Can Be Considered As “Product” Where One Entity Gives Efforts That Is Relative By Nature Only To That Entity Who Can Solely Transform Many To One..
Hence Throw Out All Those ill Feelings About All Men Are Same, Try Not To Conclude Any Kind Of Negative Thoughts To Everyone And Make A Antithetic About It.
Just Wait For The Right One Who Can Sign His Life To You Forever.

You Are Not Only The Brattice Of Life But Also The Duty Bound Person To Deal With Almost Every Single Real Life Problems Subject To Situations. As Each And Every Entity Is Different From Others So They Got The Separate Taste Altogether. You Are Being Nurtured As Son By Ur Mom As Son-Mother Relationship.
Is Being Cared And Being Guided By Your Sister As Brother-Sister Relationship.
Lastly Is Being Called As Papa By Ur Son/Daughter Because This Type Of Feeling Is Completely Differs From Others. It Makes U Strong To Think From Every
Nook And Corners Of Multiple Situations. So Behave Like One And Surrender Yourself To That Lady Who Is Ready To Suffer Every Problems With You, Ready To Starve With You If Situation Arises, Makes You Feel Alive After All Serious Issues. Try Not To Blame Any Opposite Person, Just “Wait” For The Right One To Be Live With…
Here The Word Mentioned “Wait” For Men And Women Both Cause The Right Time Takes You To The Right Person In Life.

Now We Are In The Penultimate Stage Of Our Discussion About This Topic. Life Usually Shows Every Temporary And Negative Things All The Time And Dis-articulate From The Real Ones. We Can Not Materialized The Life By Judging The Whole Life On The Basis Of Complex Situations And By Analysis. Just By Reincarnate It Through The Faith We have In Ourselves We Can Act Like The Mature One. All We Have Is “JUST ONE LIFE-THIS LIFE”. Embrace Every Moments With A Smile On Face Not With The Wrinkled Forehead And A Frowned Face. Do not Let Nightmares To Haunt You For Single Reason. Try To Live Life King-size And Put Efforts To Make It Better And Better From The Previous One.

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Expressions Of Life

The Writing Starts With A Heavyweight Word Itself “Expression“. Normally Downright To Find The Meaning And The Extraction Of The Flavor As Well. Though Most People Find Its Meaning By Some Postures And The Changes Of Face Time To Time. But I Look That Kind Different. So Here I Start Analyzing My Observation With Real Life Fundas Altogether. Hope It Will Catch Ones View-Point Secretly And Take You To Some Extent.

While Walking Down The Lane Of Life, I Have Found Several Types Of So Called Expressions Related To Our Real Life.Such Things Are Generally Catholic And They Try To Embrace Our Soul With Nature. The Inner Impure Soul Places A Favorable Light Within The Expressions In Every Nook And Corner Of Our Life. Being A Normal Person, I Never Had Felt The Value Of Expressions In The Pathway Of Life, Before Merging It With The Real Fusions Of Life. Neither I Felt So From Dense Nor Gave Worth Of Those Valuable Expressions At That Point Of Time While Happening.

Meanwhile I Have Already Started To Write Down Those Experiences Of The Outcast Past That Is Full Of Acerbity. Though It Is Bit Tough Job To Describe The Moments With Full Meaning To Be Understand Precisely.

While Recollecting These Memories Just Like Pressing The Backward Button Of Any Music Cassette, We Place Ourselves Right Exactly To That Pin Point. Its Not That The Past Holds Only Venturesome Events, Rueful Nights, Missing Things, Fault Practices, Ups And Downs But Also Enfolds With The Best Lessons Of Life By Extracting The Memories. And Then Suddenly The Whole Thing Passed Out Of Sight And Goes To Subconscious Mind. The Way Of Adjusting These Things Are Pretty Much Tough Job To Do But In Present We Do It Fully Fine Like All Those Memories Are Still Crystal Clear.
But Generally It Stays…. It Stays In The Den Of Memories…. It Stays To The End Of The Chapter.

Lets Get Back To The Point, Where According To My Notion Expressions Can Be Serially Classified Into Three Mainstreams Of Ones Inner Domain.

  • Smiling.
  • Weeping.
  • Keeping Mum.

“Simpering/Smiling” Is The Pre-Eminent Gift Of God, Metasised For The First Time Through The Placenta Of Mother(The Living God) In Our Lives. Technically If We Say About Smiling- A Tool That Affix An Extra Savor In Ones Personality. Elongated Lips With Distinguished Eyes Makes The Presence Prominent. It Can Be Considered As Fullest Positive Emotional Content. Brain Is Also Related With Our Smile. It Keeps Tracking Our Smile With The Actions Of Life.

Turning The Upside Down An Ominous Expression Is “Weeping/Lamenting”. In This Stage Lots Of Negative Things Come Into Our Mind And Ruin The Present Situation To Horrible One. The Hard Truth Is “The Things/Moments Have Gone Is Gone Forever“. No Way To Get Those Things Back Again, May Be They Are Related To Persons, Or Materialistic Things Sometimes. But In The End What Should Be Done Is No Point Of Being A Puppet To Enjoy The Show Which Is Already Over. Be The One Who Is Ready To Come Back All Over With A Bang And With Flying Colors.

Apart From Both The Expressions We Are Here With The Most Dangerous Dead Lock That Is “Keeping Mum”. This Is A State Where We Realize Some Smiling And Weeping Situations In Back Of Our Mind. We Don’t Show It To Anyone Publicly. Generally At That Point Of Time We Don’t Have Choice To Smile For A Reason Or To Weep Over Something. Kind Of Void Feelings Makes UsSilent And To Do Our Works Passively.

Now Time To Draw The Line Between The Three Paintings Of Life Conventionally Termed As “Expressions Of Life“.

In This Echelon, People Mournfully Pass The Sponge Over All The Memories Of The Lane And Makes Grief To An Event. Most People Breaks Down In These Stages And Forget To Take A Pun Of Best Cherished Moments To Be Carried Out Altogether. In This Way Basically Most People Carried Out By The Flow And Go To Some Extent From Where It Is Quite Tough Job To Get Back To Our Own Stage Of Life. As We Are Human Being So We Should Have That Strength To Compete With All Kind Of Situations Comes In The Pathway Of Life.


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